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AAA and Acuity Car Insurance

100During these hard economic times, it pays to really scrutinize auto insurance providers. Two of the most prominent providers in this niche are AAA Insurance and Acuity Insurance. Let’s see how these two providers fare under our scrutiny.

Auto Insurance from the ‘Triple A’ Company

AAA (American Automotive Association) is actually known more for its road assistance services such as towing, tire change assistance, car batter replacement and others. However, since it already deals with automotive concerns, it’s but natural that it also offers auto insurance. Actually, AAA, also known as Triple A, has grown into an all-you-need provider for one’s travel needs offering vacation deals, car rental sources, concierge options, and many more. For the purpose of our article, however, let’s focus on its car insurance services.

For starters, AA offers three types of auto insurance: coverage for others and their property, coverage for you and your passengers, and coverage for your assets.

As regards savings, AAA is quite known for the various discounts you can avail of when getting auto insurance from them. For instance, it offers discounts to those who fit their vehicles with an anti-theft device. They also look favorable on you if you have more than one vehicle ensured with them so now is a good time to rope all the car insurance plans of your family members under them. And since AAA also offers other types of insurance (e.g., life, health, etc.), if you sign up for these other coverages you can expect your premium to receive another round of discounts.

As AAA offers many services, their website can be a tad confusing. However, it’s worth the few minutes you need to spend to get used to it. After you fill out the form and somebody gets in touch with you, don’t forget to ask and/or discuss in detail all the possible discounts that can come your way.

Acuity – Straight-Forward Car Insurance

Acuity is a regional firm that also serves up a wide array of personal and commercial automotive insurance products and services. However, it’s not trying to be the provider of every little thing you need while on the road. As a result, the auto insurance plans are more straight-forward. To get a quote though, you need to get in touch with one of their agents. On their website, simply select your state and city and a list of available agents will be provided for you to contact.

This may seem dated since most providers simply fill out an online form. However, for those who have quite a few questions and want to hear things first-hand, then this will work for you.

Getting awesome deals means shopping around. This rings true whether it’s for buying household items or acquiring vehicles. The way to get the most savings is to look at different firms offering the same product. People who shop right for auto insurance usually wind up with huge amounts of money saved. So do compare, compare and compare some more when picking decent auto insurance. And be sure to include AAA and Acuity auto insurance on your list of possible insurers.

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Unusual Causes That Increase Your Car Insurance Rates

89Good drivers avoid speeding and all possibilities that make them receive traffic tickets. All traffic violations are well documented by the DMV, and your insurers have the rights to request for the data to determine whether or not you deserve either discount or rate increase.

Instead of stating the obvious, the following passages briefly outline some unusual reasons why your car insurance company increases your premium rates regardless of how clean your driving records are. There are at least five things that affect the premium; you may not even think that these things have direct correlations with cars, your abilities to drive, or even security and safety matters.

Being a senior driver does not necessarily mean that the insurer treats you as an experienced and skillful driver. As a matter of fact, you are now considered an old person, meaning you are less careful driver. It is bad enough when you realized that today is your 60th birthday, but your insurance company can make it worse by increasing the premium rates you need to pay monthly. The company can easily correlate between age and ability to drive because your physical condition, concentration, or eyesight decreases drastically as you reach your 60s, but this is not always true.

In contrast, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drivers aged between 64 and 69 are the safest ones. Senior drivers are more careful and obedient; they wear seat-belts all the time and avoid drinking when driving. Based on the statistic, drivers aged 85 years or older indeed have more crashes per mile compared to their younger counterparts. Some insurance companies, however, simply cannot take any chance by waiting until you reach 85 to increase the premium.

Bad credit score

This is actually one of the most-controversial reasons since credit score has nothing to do with the likelihood of you getting involved in an accident or breaking the traffic regulations. From insurers’ viewpoints, credit score is strongly correlated with the likelihood of you missing an insurance bill or two. If this is really the case, car insurer will not logically approve your application anyway or cancel your policy if you are already insured considering that possibility. Instead of rejecting the application, insurer can approve it but with quite big consequence on your part.

Let us not forget that insurance is a profitable business and companies will not miss a chance to earn more money; instead of cancelling your policy, you are probably obliged to pay more because you are considered less reliable customer. Even worse, insurers may forget to tell you that your credit score can be a strong variable in determining the premium rate. It is best to ask your insurance agents about such issue before purchasing coverage policy from any company.

Driving more miles

Accepting new better job is always an exciting experience, but if the new office requires you to drive more miles every day, your car insurance premium can increase too. The same case applies if you move to a new address, and you have to drive further routinely. It actually makes sense that the likelihood of you getting involved in a car accident increases greatly when you spend more times on the road. It is strange enough because you can drive many more miles although you work in an office located few blocks away from your home; you can shop, visit your friends, driving around without obvious reasons, etc. There is no exact number that is considered normal driving distance, but you can always ask your company about this specific issue. Increasing premium rate because costumer drives more miles is a common practice, but you can ask for a lower premium in case you drive fewer miles as well.

There are many possible situations in this case. When your car is involved in an accident, and it is driven by your friend, you can choose to file a claim to your insurer or simply ask your friend to pay for all the damages. It is better when your friend takes all the responsibilities and pays the repair with his/her money. If you file a claim because your friend can’t or won’t pay, the company can take care of all the damages, but your premium will probably increase afterward as a consequence. This may sound a little unfair, but this is how things work. It can be worse, for example if your friend is not insured and the accident involves another vehicle. You can file a claim of course, but if the cost of property damage and medical expenses caused by the accident exceed the limits of your coverage policy, you probably have to pay the remaining cost with your money.

Among all unusual things that can increase car insurance premium rate, marital status is probably the worst. Based on a statistic, married people have smaller risks of getting involved in accidents than singles do. Strangely, insurance companies react to this statistic by increasing the rate of unmarried customers. There are even discounts if you are married or engaged, so it is safe to say that auto insurance companies take such statistics very seriously. The safest drivers, based on the statistic, are comprised of middle-aged non-smoker married women.

Do car insurance rates go up if someone hits your car?

88How much is car insurance per month? Compare auto insurance quotes for new and used cars nationwide.

Accidents can happen even to the best drivers. There are thousands of distracted drivers on the road, bad weather, unexpected objects and a long list of factors that cause car accidents when you least expect it. Obviously the first thing to worry about is the safety of everyone involved but soon enough you will be wondering about your car insurance rates.

Does it matter who is at Fault?

Yes and No. Some states have no fault auto insurance laws so regardless of whether you or the other driver were at fault you still have to file a claim with your auto insurance company. The mere act of filing a claim can often increase auto insurance rates since auto insurance companies base risk partly on a driver’s prior claims history.

However in any car accident (even in no fault states) blame will be eventually decided and if the accident was not your fault then your auto insurance company will seek money back from the at-fault drivers insurance company. Most of this happens behind the scenes in no fault states so you may not even know who was technically at fault until months or years down the road. Remember that no-fault auto insurance was designed to limit liability in car accidents and create a smoother system for policyholders to receive claim payouts faster. It is not however a system where nobody is at fault in a car accident.

Accidents which happen to drivers in states without no-fault auto insurance laws may turn out a little different. Depending on who was at fault you may opt to file a claim through your own auto insurance company or through the other driver’s provider. Its important to remember here that if you were at fault then odds of getting 2 claims filed under your policy coverage are high (one for damages to your vehicle and one for the other drivers). However if the accident was not your fault then its possible to avoid filing a claim through your own auto insurance company and seek compensation from the at-fault drivers insurance provider.

One of the big downfalls here however is that many drivers are uninsured or underinsured which may end up causing you to file a claim with your own auto insurance company regardless of who was at fault. When this happens the odds of your auto insurance rates going up increase and with over 20% of drivers uninsured in some states this is a very common situation.

Auto Insurance Rates also depend on your Auto Insurance Company

No matter what kind of accident happens a rise in premiums will also depend on what auto insurance company you have. All auto insurance companies calculate risk differently and some penalize drivers who file a claim regardless of who was at fault.

You also want to check into your auto insurance company’s policy on accident forgiveness. Do you have a single accident forgiveness waiver in your policy? This is a very valuable feature to have as you never know when an accident might happen and having a waiver against higher auto insurance rates from a single accident can prevent any increase.

For drivers who have a history of being in accidents that were not their fault its equally important to understand how your auto insurance company works. There are drivers who have been involved in many accidents which were never their fault – (granted this is like the person who has broken up with 50 different boyfriends/girlfriends since none of them were good enough for them. At some point you have to look in the mirror and question whether or not its bad luck or there is something about driving skills which need to improve) – Some auto insurance companies will classify you as higher risk simply based on the number of claims filed without paying attention to who was at fault. Auto insurance is a for-profit business model so if there is a risk an insurer will lose money by insuring you the question of who was at fault is much less relevant than the amount of money they forecast paying out to you.

Will my auto insurance rates go up after a Hit and Run accident?

Hit and run accidents are very common and not just limited to a driver hitting your vehicle on the road. Parked cars are the biggest targets of hit and run accidents especially vehicles parked in parking lots or on the side of the road. Laws about hit and run accidents vary by state so before operating a vehicle its a good idea to understand when you are required to file a police report.

Do you call the police if your car door is dented after leaving the vehicle in a parking lot all afternoon? What if somebody swipes your parked car and the driver is nowhere to be seen?

While we could hypothesize what you should do its much more valuable for you to contact your auto insurance company and local police department to learn about the rules of reporting hit and run accidents where you live. Drivers who have uninsured motorist coverage will likely be covered for any hit and run accidents however it still means filing a claim which may possibly affect your auto insurance rates.

How much will my auto insurance rates increase after a car accident?

This is impossible to say. It all depends on the claim, who was at fault, your auto insurance company and more. Whether or not your auto insurance rates will even go up after a car accident can depend on a number of factors. Many drivers report not seeing an increase for years while others see an increase during the next policy renewal period. You never want to ask an auto insurance company about whether or not your rates will increase after a car accident since this could raise a red flag for a policy review. Just wait it out and if an increase in your auto insurance premiums happen then maybe it’s a good time to start comparing auto insurance companies again.

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