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Vehicle insurance is insurance that people purchase for any vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.). It serves many purposes, but its primary goal is to provide protection against loss (theft or damage) and protection from liability (accidents).

What is Car Insurance Cis mission?

We try our best to provide correct information and tips regarding insurance industry. As the internet became very handy so many spammy blogs are not may be helpful for you to find your desired and best information to save some money on insurance.

One of our team members is “Miss Kathy” who is expert and have experience in the insurance industry and she is now helping us to provide our readers some useful tips. so we believe┬áthat we are in the right direction with you.

Auto insurance is compulsory in virtually all jurisdictions. There are exceptions in the United States. Auto insurance is not required in Puerto Rico, for example.

Coverage levels can also vary greatly. Coverage may include some or all of the following:

The vehicle owner (the insured).

The vehicle

Third parties, including both people and other vehicles.

Fire, theft, or vandalism by third parties while the vehicle is parked.

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