Drivers that spell disaster on the road, What to do?

You might be very careful when driving but you just can not avoid an encounter with other motorists that can drive you mad.

There will be people who will have their blinkers on for several miles. There will be drivers who will overtake your vehicle, then slow down, and go fast, and slow down again. Drivers like these are really aggravating. Instinct will tell you that you want to let them know what is in your mind (or sometimes your hand). Before you do anything, think twice, not that they will do anything but they can be dangerous.

Telephone Game

What can be more dangerous on the road than someone busy chatting over the cell phone or even worse texting someone? As much as you are tempted to go fast and pass them, the recommended move will be to keep your distance. A big percentage of accidents on the road are due to drivers distracted in one form or another.

Late Blinker

You are about to take a right turn but decided to wait until a car is cruising down the road. You wait for a while. And waited for a bit more just to find out that when he is just about to turn, he flicks on his signal light and turns on the same street you are going to. If this happened to you most of the time, then you are making the right decision of waiting and respecting the right of way.

Green for Go

You might be wondering why there are people who respond to the green light really slow. Maybe the driver in front of you is distracted and all you can do is wait. Before you decide to zip around the vehicle and go on a feat of road rage, think twice. Give the driver a benefit of the doubt that maybe someone is blocking his way or someone might be crossing the road. What you can do is tap your horn a bit and wait if he will respond and go.

Big Cars and Ice

Some drivers of big vehicles just don’t get it. Their tires will still slip on ice and their 4×4 cannot do anything about it. If you see them going really fast on an icy road, keep your distance.

Always play safe. Be safe.

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