Sports car cost more to insure

Have you actually thought to ask why sports cars expense extra to ensure types of car – even when the retail price with the sports car is cheaper? If that’s so, the following are the principal reasons why this can be the case.

Car Insurance Group Categories

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Though quite a few of the factors that identify the makeup of car insurance quotes are certainly not known, what is recognized is that insurance companies ‘group’ certain varieties of automobiles into different categories. For this reason, insurance companies have groups ranging from 1 through to 20. Group 1 could be the least high priced kind of automobile to insure. Group 20 will be the most costly kind of car to insure. So, for those who purchase a Fiat Panda, you will be classed a Group 1 automobile driver. Acquire a sports automobile, any sports auto, and you are searching at becoming classed a Group 15 and above driver. Get a functionality sports automobile, such as a Porsche 911, and you’ll certainly be Group 20 driver!


More than two million automobile crimes come about inside the UK each and every year. Aside from well-liked model vehicles, such a Ford, the greatest car or truck crime category is sports vehicles! Have a soft-top convertible sports auto, as well as the chances of it being stolen, are red hot! So, even though you reside out in the countryside with no one else about for miles, you are going to nonetheless be noticed as driving a really high threat car when it comes to automobile theft. With enhanced danger, comes an increased premium!


Insurance companies are certainly not charities – they’re in the small business to make cash. As such, they hold vast amounts of data and portion of that information tells them that for those who drive a sports automobile there is an enhanced danger you’ll be in an accident and that the accident will probably be far more really serious (and costly) than if you were driving a regular auto. As such, the premium charge is going to become greater.

Under 30?

Unless you’ve just won the Lottery, in case you are under 30 you will find no attractive elements when it comes to ensuring a sports car. Not simply do the insurance business see the auto you drive as being a high threat car or truck to ensure, but you because the driver are much more risky to insure also. Consequently, car insurance premiums for those 30 years of age or below, driving sports vehicles, is almost certainly the highest of all sorts of car insurance out there within the UK currently.

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